How to make your LED display effective in Canada?

How to make your LED display effective in Canada?

LED video walls have gained prominence as innovative display devices across businesses in Canada. However, not many of the buyers know how to effectively leverage the power of an LED video wall.

LED walls are hugely underutilized due to a lack of creative guidance among the buyers. To effectively demonstrate the charm of an LED video wall, some handy hacks are needed.

Canadian innovative display options like Nummax LED screen wall come with great potential to be tapped in terms of resolution, look, and durability.

This article takes you through the various hacks for making your display effective through an LED video wall.

Let us begin!

Two cents about LED walls

An LED wall is nothing but a series of displays that work together as a cohesive unit to display content. The size of bezels is minimized greatly to provide a seamless display.

LED technology allows the generation of sharp and bright images. LED screens can display clear images even under sun glare. This makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor displays.

Tips to create effective content for LED display

  1. Choose the pixel pitch of the display based on the distance of the viewer from the screen and whether they are stationary or in motion. The pixel pitch determines the minimum text height of the message.
  2. Do not have too much text on the display. It reduces the font and visibility to the audience.
  3. Avoid using high contrast colors like red-blue, and red-green.  All bright colors on white background work well on the eyes.
  4. Also, avoid contrast that is too low as the content becomes unreadable.
  5. Adopt concisely and to the point communication in your display for easier understanding.
  6. In the case of animated text, choose the scroll speed that is optimal for the targeted audience. It should be neither too slow nor fast.
  7. Use a background that highlights the message effectively. Using illustrative cartoons is a great way to grab the viewer’s attention.
  8. Choose a font that is suitable for the audience in motion. For instance, avoid script-type fonts and choose sans serif-type fonts when the audience is moving away from the display.
  9. Undertake a pixel pitch test to determine the readability of the text at a minimum pixel height.
  10. Align your texts in relation to each other. Content with aligned elements will be easily deciphered by the viewer.

Concluding thoughts

Businesses can leverage the power of their LED display if they know how to effectively use it. Seek advice from professional display agencies to enhance the visibility and attractiveness of your message.