The most effective method for a 360-degree feedback survey

The most effective method for a 360-degree feedback survey

Because survey productivity is such a general and frequently used word, you need to define what it means to your employees in the context of their job duties. A deep dive into the 360-degree feedback process presented in the article below can help you, and your team better understand how to be productive with an online survey maker.

What is the main goal of a 360-degree feedback survey?

Online survey tools allow you to send a list of questions to a group of people. With so many survey tools available online, choosing the best tool can be a daunting task. Among the main goals of the 360-degree feedback survey are the following:

  • To gain meaningful insight into the cause that drives employee engagement in the organization.
  • Offer an opportunity for the employee to offer any suggestions that they feel are viable and beneficial to the organization.
  • Share any employee concerns about the organization, processes, other employees or senior members of the company.
  • Improving and increasing the level of employee engagement.

Performance review of 360-degree feedback

Performance reviews and multi-rater reviews can coexist because there are subtle differences between the two. The 360-degree process mainly focuses on finding the right candidate for further growth in the management chain. Whereas a performance review simply determines an employee’s compensation and benefits.

In order for the 360-degree feedback survey to work effectively, it must have criteria. Here we are talking about the personal qualities and characteristics of employees, with the help of which the HR manager will be able to determine his effectiveness.

It is equally important to understand in which segment the company is located, and what tasks and goals are pursued during the assessment. During the survey, it is important to determine the priority goals. For example, when evaluating line personnel, the priority criterion is the quality and timeliness of work.