Wastewater Treatment – Why Quick Release Degreasers Are The Best?

Wastewater Treatment – Why Quick Release Degreasers Are The Best?

Waste management is a crucial step in the successful running of any enterprise, small or big. Getting rid of the waste your commercial space or industry produces is your responsibility. The government also has strong laws and regulations regarding this matter.

A major portion of the waste generated in an industry is mostly fluids. This means that the segregation of harmful contaminants is as crucial as the safe disposal of wastewater.

What about a cleaning agent that is both environmentally friendly and easy to treat? If you are looking for that, then certain products like Optimax industrial cleaning products are your perfect choice.

Why is wastewater treatment necessary?

The law dictates that wastewater flowing out of your industrial premises should not have any harmful contaminants in it. The level of impurity allowed varies from the type of contamination and the location of your factory.

To keep the wastewater within limits of allowable water quality, it has to be treated to separate water and harmful oil contaminants.

How do water-oil separators work?

Conventional water-oil separators work based on gravity. The wastewater contains oil emulsified in water droplets. Now, this water is slowly passed through the layers of separating coalescing media to encourage the rise of suspended oil to the surface.

Wastewater, on passing through water oil separators will be slowed down and allowed to go almost stagnant. The specific gravity of water and oil is different. This results in the oil breaking bonds with water and forming droplets.

These oil droplets start rising to the surface and form a separate layer. The oil contaminant-free water is then allowed to pass out through the bottom. The oil-based contaminants left will be cleaned out from the top.

Advantages of quick-release degreasers.

Traditional emulsifying cleaning agents form a deep permanent bond with the oil contaminant.

Quick-release degreasers are biodegradable wastewater treating agents that do not form a permanent bond with the oil impurity.

After the oil contaminant is lifted from the surface, the degreaser forms a temporary bond with the oil. The oil is emulsified in water only long enough to form electrochemically charged structures called a micelle.

The micelle will release its bond with water very quickly as it turns into bigger droplets. This will make water treatment easier and cheaper.

In short, the advantages of quick-release degreasers are:-

  • Biodegradable
  • Easy water-oil separation
  • Reduced wastewater treatment cost
  • Easier and faster process

All in all, switch to modern quick-release degreasers for efficient and eco-friendly cleaning.