Yacht Rental in Tenerife for a Corporate Event

Yacht Rental in Tenerife for a Corporate Event

We are confident that your company has successfully met its annual KPIs in terms of revenue, profitability, and market share, and your employees deserve not only bonuses but also recognition. Non-material motivation is as important as the annual bonus. A corporate event at ocean in Tenerife is a perfect solution, and an active corporate retreat will energize your staff for the entire year! Such care from the management will be highly appreciated by every employee.

The warm southern sun, picturesque landscapes, palm trees, and of course, the sea – the dream of every office worker. A corporate event on a yacht in Tenerife rentboattenerife.com simultaneously boosts employee motivation and energizes them for new achievements. Statistics show that companies’ revenues increase by 4.3% just thanks to the positive mood of employees after corporate events. HR experts note an increase in employee engagement and loyalty by 17.9%.

Organization of Corporate Events on a Yacht

With more than 5 years of experience in organizing corporate events, we have gained significant expertise. We know all the details and pitfalls of such an event as a corporate party on a yacht. We will take care of all the complex organizational aspects and help with any questions that arise.

The fleet in Tenerife’s port includes more than 60 motor and sailing yachts for a dignified corporate event. Whether you are from a large corporation or a small business of 5-6 people, we promise affordable prices and a high level of service. We value each client and aim for long-term cooperation.

Formats of Corporate Leisure on a Yacht

Tenerife is so diverse that the options for corporate events are virtually limitless. Let’s focus on the most popular and in-demand sea corporate events on yachts.

Team Building and Regatta on Sailing Yachts. One of the most beloved events for any organization. Going out into the open sea on several sailboats, competing in speed, helping the crew raise the sails – this is just a part of such a type of recreation. Yacht team building will truly unite the team, benefiting not only during the event but also in the office. The experiences that each participant gains from the regatta will long maintain productivity and loyalty among staff. We recommend team building on a yacht in Tenerife for teams needing additional cohesion, especially with the appointment of a new leader. No special skills are required, and the weather won’t spoil the experience.

Business Training or Board Meeting. A significant event for the company, which will serve as an excellent news hook and emphasize the firm’s status. A press release or PR about holding a top management meeting in the open sea will enhance the company’s reputation in the eyes of clients. Don’t forget to highlight this in the media. Corporate yacht rental is our specialty. We will recommend the best restaurateurs who will take care of catering and buffet. We’ll organize projectors and screens for presentations. We offer a full range of sea entertainment: jet skis, SeaBob, parasailing, fishing rods, and much more. All that is required is a great mood, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Yacht Rental in Ibiza for a Bachelorette Party

We have selected the perfect options for a women’s getaway. Our assortment includes boats and yachts with spacious bow areas, adorned with soft cushions and poufs for comfortable sunbathing and heartfelt conversations. Enjoy loud music for vibrant dances under the open sky and the ability to connect your favorite playlist from your smartphone. We’ve thought of every little detail. Choose a yacht from our catalog and book in advance. Remember, the best vessels are always out at sea, so it’s better to think about the rental beforehand.

You can bring any drinks and snacks with you, except for red wine. If you don’t want to bother with this, order catering from us. The best chefs and pastry chefs will prepare and deliver to the board whatever you desire, from rolls and pizza to exquisite dishes from the best restaurants in Ibiza.

A Bachelorette Party on a Yacht – The Best Choice

The captain will offer you one of the routes. You will sail 2-3 kilometers off the coast, where only seagulls and dolphins will be your companions. Here, you can relax and enjoy the silence. An astonishing panorama of the Ibiza coast will unfold before you – mountains, sea, cliffs, all within your view.

Don’t forget to bring sunscreen with a high SPF to avoid sunburn. The sun’s rays, reflected off the water, intensify the tanning process, and you can tan much faster on a yacht. It’s also a good idea to bring a panama hat or a scarf. We care about your comfort and health. If you suffer from seasickness, we recommend taking anti-nausea medication 2-3 hours before boarding the yacht.

The cost of such a getaway is comparable to a visit to a good restaurant, but the emotions and experiences you’ll gain in these few hours will be much more intense! We are confident that you will enjoy this new format of meeting with friends and will want to repeat such a bachelorette party on the pristine deck, which you can easily rent through our service Alquiler Barco Ibiza!