7 Greatest Natural Tourist Spot in Medan Indonesia

7 Greatest Natural Tourist Spot in Medan Indonesia

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Besides being the capital city of North Sumatra Province, Medan is also known for the largest lake in Indonesia and the largest volcanic lake in the world, namely Lake Toba. The city of Medan is also quite popular with historical tourist destinations, namely the Maimun Palace, which is an icon for the third largest city in Indonesia.

Not only Lake Toba, but North Sumatra also has other very interesting natural tourist destinations to visit ranging from waterfalls, lakes, mountains, hills to nature reserves. If you need a recommended tourist spot reference, here are seven natural tourist destinations around Medan that you should visit.

  • Dua Warna Waterfall

Dua Warna Waterfall is a natural wonder of Medan, located in Sibolangit, Deli Serdang Regency. This waterfall is about 52 km from the city of Medan and can be reached within 1.5 hours using a motorized vehicle. As the name implies, this waterfall located at an altitude of 1,270 meters above sea level has two different color gradations.

Dua Warna Waterfall contains phosphorus and sulfur, so the water that falls into the natural pool is white and after being accommodated, it turns bluish. Even though the water contains sulfur, you can still play in the water, but you are not allowed to drink it. So, just enjoy the freshness of the waterfall.

  • Bukit Lawang

Bukit Lawang is a natural tourist destination known for its swift and clear rivers. Bukit Lawang is in the Gunung Leuser National Park area and is a place for observing Sumatran orangutans in the protected forest area of ​​Gunung Leuser National Park.

Bukit Lawang is 88 km from Medan City and can be reached in 2.5 hours. You need to pass seven bridges to get to Bukit Lawang, one of which is the Wisma Leuser Sibayak Bridge. Arriving at Sibayak Hill, you can enter the hilly forest accompanied by a guide.

  • Siombak Lake

Not only has Lake Toba, but Medan also has another fund, namely Lake Siombak. This lake has a diameter of approximately 1000 meters. Lake Siombak is located between two rivers, namely the Waterfall River and the Deli River. The lake water is greenish because it contains moss and algae plants.

Lake Siombak is one of the favorite natural tourist destinations visited by the people of Medan City. Here visitors can also fish and even process them directly. So Lake Siombak is very suitable to be visited with family.

  • Lau Kawar Lake

Lau Kawar Lake is one of the beautiful lakes in North Sumatra, located at the foot of Mount Sinabung, Karo Regency. The mountain with a height of 2,451 meters above sea level was active several years ago. Therefore, this mountain is rarely visited by tourists because it has become a danger zone.

Even though it has become a danger zone, Lake Lau Kawar still has a wonderful charm. The lake which is included in the Leuser Ecosystem is at an altitude and has a cold temperature. The attraction of this place is in the clear green sea water and the view of the hills surrounding the lake area.

  • Salju Panas Tinggi Raja

The island of Sumatra has Salju Panas Tinggi Raja, also known as the White High King Crater. This tourist attraction is often equated with the White Crater in Bandung. This place has turquoise hot water and when you look at it, it seems like a lake. Around the crater, there is white limestone that looks like a wall of ice.

Salju Panas Tinggi Raja has a stream of river water mixed with hot water. Many tourists spend time feeling the sensation of bathing in the river. The location of the river is not far from the White High King Crater. On the edge of the crater, a wooden fence is surrounded to make it safer to take pictures.

  • Kampung Ladang

Kampung Ladang is one of the natural tourist destinations often used for various activities, such as a place for outbound to pre-wedding photos. The distance from Medan City to Kampung Ladang is only 17 km and can be reached in 30 – 45 minutes. This place is ideal for being a family recreation destination.

Kampung Ladang provides various exciting facilities, such as rubber boat rides, paintball, outbound, and high rope activities. Please note that Kampung Ladang is not open in general, but specifically for those who order outbound or pre wedding packages. So, you can have a private recreation here.

  • Sibolangit Nature Reserve

The Sibolangit Nature Reserve is part of the Sibolangit Nature Park, an area of ​​85.15 hectares. Sibolangit Nature Reserve is approximately 40 km from Medan City. This area is located at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level. The path to the Sibolangit Nature Park is quite difficult because it passes through winding and uphill roads.

The Sibolangit Nature Reserve is a protection for life support systems and functions to maintain environmental balance and regulate water systems and microclimate. Sibolangit Nature Reserve stores the diversity of flora and fauna belonging to Indonesia. This tropical rain forest area has a calm and cool atmosphere.

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