Custom coins- the perfect choice for customized memorabilia

Custom coins- the perfect choice for customized memorabilia

Customized coins are a popular form of customized memorabilia for several organizations. Serving the mundane and special occasions alike, they are an elegant choice for public organizations.

From fire to police departments, custom coins are highly cherished by public agencies. For instance, Responders  Pro Firefighter Challenge coins enjoy great patronage from fire departments across North America.

If you’ve been thinking about getting these coins designed for your employees too, then this article takes a look at factors like what makes custom coins popular and why you should get them too. 

Let’s see!

A case for custom coins 

Custom-designed coins are an elegant way to show regard and inclusion. Beginning from their use in the military, they are today used by police, fire, and EMS departments.

Custom coins are apt for several occasions like anniversaries, commemorative events, public engagements, fun events, fundraisers, and other events.

It makes custom coins a popular choice among organizations.

How are coins customized? 

  • The coin is designed to indicate the ideals of the organization. It carries artwork like emblems, mottoes, or symbolic imagery.
  • The coins are cast in metals like gold, silver, and zinc alloy.
  • The enamel is chosen carefully to blend with the metal and design chosen. Softwares like Pantone Color Matching System are used to accurately determine color and design on coins.
  • Additions like 2D and 3D effects, coin edging, and plating make the coins very attractive to the recipient.

Specialty packaging for custom coins

Specialty packaging is needed for some special events. It includes eye-catching and additional packaging customized to the occasion.

Some interesting options include

  • Pin attachments like PVC Coin sleeve
  • Acrylic Coin capsule
  • Velvet pouch
  • Plastic display box
  • Velvet display box
  • Leatherette box

It adds the additional wow factor to your customized memorabilia.

Choosing a partner firm for custom coins

A firm experienced in the manufacture of customized memorabilia should be chosen to deliver customized coins.

The partner firm should have the following features

  1. Dedicated design and graphics department
  2. Quality craftsmanship
  3. Experienced manufacturing
  4. Fair pricing
  5. Time-bound production
  6. Reliable customer service
  7. Expedited shipping
  8. Specialty packaging option

These features ensure that the custom coins are made professionally and delivered elegantly.

Concluding thoughts

Custom coins are the most sought-after memorabilia and now you know why. After carefully evaluating your criteria, pick a firm that can translate your artistic vision into elegant coins. 

Finally, select a specialty packaging to bring an enhanced presentation experience. Gift your staff and well-wishers with the warmth of customized coins reflecting the spirit of your organization.