Factors to consider before selecting a PCB manufacturer

Factors to consider before selecting a PCB manufacturer

Whatever the reasons for creating PCBs, you should choose the best manufacturer. With the right choice, you will not only save time and money, but will also not end up with faulty products. There are a few considerations you should keep in mind owing to the many PCB manufacturers available today. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to make an informed choice.

Scale Matters

The quantity of PCBs you want to order will help you choose the right company. If you are a simple PCB assembly hobbyist that loves building new electronics, you should look for manufacturers that suit your needs. You should check whether the company you are considering has minimum order polices. If you are a business that requires large PCB design orders, you need a manufacture that will offer quick returns on your big orders.  You should ensure that the company offers great bulk pricing and they can keep up with your demands.

Solid Reputation

After spending hours designing your PCB boards, the last thing you want to deal with is shoddy production. Nobody wants to get PCBs that have holes that were not properly drilled or have the wrong dimensions. An indicator of a quality manufacturer is one that works with other large organizations and companies. You want a high level of quality that you can trust with your PCB design since they will impact your products.

Never Settle for Less

Time and budget constraints can be real but you should never skimp out by not selecting the best PCB manufacturer.  With these considerations in mind, ensure that you choose the best manufacturer given your needs and resources. It is better to spend more on PCB assembly or research extensively and save yourself lots of headache caused by faulty PCB.

Avoid the Middleman

When looking for PCB assembly companies, you should determine whether they are actual producers or just brokers. Today, there are many PCB brokers who help to connect relationships between businesses and large firms and manufacturers. Working directly with the PCB manufacturer is the best way to guarantee an open line of communication and build a long-term relationship. Instead of always having to wait for communication from the broker whenever you have a problem, you can deal directly with the technical support or customer care representatives of your PCB manufacture.


If you are working on a tight timeline for your project, you want to know how fast the PCB manufacturer will deliver your goods. Generally, complex PCB designs usually take more time to manufacture and deliver when compared to stripped down prototypes.  Always remember that the waiting time will vary from one manufacturer to another with most being 3 to 14 days. Always go for companies that can offer same-day turnaround options for specific orders so that you get your PCBs the next day.

Owing to the increasing demands for PCBs, there are many PCB assembly companies on the market today. Ensure that you choose a company that will cater to the growing needs of your business. They should deliver superior quality PCBs as this will translate to quality products that will positively impact your business.