Five Tips To Keep In Mind While Shopping At Rug Store in Charlotte NC!

Five Tips To Keep In Mind While Shopping At Rug Store in Charlotte NC!

Although there are many rug shopping tips that apply equally to every city, it’s safe to say that Charlotte, North Carolina has become one of the top home décor cities throughout the entire United States. The population in Charlotte has skyrocketed in recent years as more and more people flock to the city for job opportunities, which has made the home décor industry subsequently boom in this region as well.

One type of home décor shopping that’s particularly tough is rug shopping, and finding high-quality rug stores in Charlotte NC can sometimes be a lot easier said than done!

Below we’ll be going over some important tips for rug shoppers to keep in mind while they’re browsing the Internet, as well as browsing through in-person showrooms:

Be Sure To Take A Close Look At The Rugs You’re Most Interested In

It’s always really important to make sure that you’re getting as many close looks at an area rug as you possibly can, and this can be particularly important for online rug shoppers that aren’t closely looking at a potential purchase.

What’s great about shopping in-person for your area rugs is that you’ll ultimately be able to get a close perspective on what a rug looks like from all sorts of different angles. This is usually a huge benefit for in-person shopping because a lot of online shoppers won’t know exactly how a rug looks in certain lighting until it’s too late.

There are plenty of details that you could miss, so be sure to examine the intricate details of an area rug before buying it!

Get A Close Look At How A Rug Appears On An Actual Floor

A lot of times when you’re shopping through a rug warehouse or outlet, the area rugs will be hanging up so you can flip through them rather quickly. The big issue with this layout is that you won’t necessarily be able to view a rug that you like on an actual floor.

Although vertical images both in-person and online will provide a decent glimpse into what a rug looks like, it’s important to see how it looks like when it’s laid flat on the ground.

Take A Close Look At The Rug’s Pile & Width

Another important factor to keep in mind while rug shopping is pile and width, because these dimensions will help you better understand what a rug’s durability will end up being over many years. Pile is also a good indication in terms of the rug’s overall coziness and comfort.

So thicker rugs are usually cozier, and thinner rugs are usually more durable!

Always Know What Material Your Rugs Are Made Of

Every rug shopper needs to understand how every rug is unique, which means they’re not all created equally! There are certain rug materials that simply are higher quality than others, and typically you’re going to want to choose natural rug fibers.

Some common natural rug fibers include wool, cotton, jute/sisal and silk. All of these fibers provide unique pros and cons, but they generally are more durable and of higher quality than synthetic rugs.

However, it’s important to remember that synthetic rugs have come a really long way in recent years. A lot of rug shoppers choose synthetic rugs because they’re often much less expensive as compared to natural fibers, and nylon, polyester, olefin, viscose and polypropylene are all common synthetic materials.

Carefully Examine A Rug’s Edges

A rug’s edges are another very important factor to keep in mind while you’re narrowing down your favorite options, and this is important for both in-person and online rug shoppers.

Contact The Rug Source Specialists When You’re Looking For Rug Stores In Charlotte NC!

There are always going to be plenty of factors that come into play when you’re shopping for rugs both at showrooms and in online websites.

But when you keep the above tips in mind, you’ll make your entire rug shopping experience a lot easier!