We have many items lying around at home we once adored, but they only take up space. So whether you have an engagement ring of a broken relationship or a heritage piece of gold, you do not wear these items you no longer need. 

Instead of collecting dust, make it work for you buy selling it outright in exchange for a convenient and rewarding dollar. So, what will it be selling online at Craigslist or eBay or visiting a local Melbourne pawn shop

Undecided, look at our comparison list of pros and cons for each below. 

Outweighing the Pros of Craig’s/eBay or the Pawnbrokers

You can get a bigger audience reaching gold buyers through Craigslist and eBay. You get bidding style sales to see who offers you the most. Another benefit is you need not leave the comfort of your home.

But will you get instant cash compared to a pawn shop? NO! A pawn dealer gives you cash in your hand on the spot. Walking into a pawnshop, you can negotiate the price in real-time. Even dealing with a pawn dealer is safer than meeting with a stranger. 

While you can go with the option to pawn your stuff if you want it back, selling your gold jewellery is a better option without repaying a loan. Pawnshops even accept gold or broken jewellery to buy back as scrap gold based on the current gold market price, gold purity, weight, and profit margin. 

Weighing the Cons of a Pawn Shop, Craigslist and eBay

When you sell online, it can be unsafe to meet someone in person, or your gold pieces are buried in the clutter of other listings. Another problem you face is a high scam rate, and it is convenient to send your items by mail, ending up with high cost on insurance. 

One of the biggest concerns with online selling is that you have loads of competition, and sometimes it is a waste of time. Lastly, you might not end up not getting your selling price and have to pay for listing fee’s and commissions.

When you visit a pawnbroker, you will get a lower price than selling it as a jewellery piece online. However, you will get fast cash in hand. This is due to the gold purity, weight, and going market gold price. 

Then the other convenience is you need to go to one of the Melbourne pawn shops in your area. 

These are a Few Pros and Cons Selling Online

These are a few pros and cons for each option when selling your gold jewellery. As you can see, the cons of selling on eBay or Craigslist outweigh the possibilities of selling to your local pawn dealer. However, even the pros are more compared to selling online. 

So instead of the gold pieces cluttering up your jewellery box as you no longer use it, put it to good use. Take it to your local Melbourne pawnshop to have it evaluated and get cash on the spot. It still remains the best option for selling your used gold jewellery.