Here’s what to do (and what not to do) the next time you’re at a strip club

Here’s what to do (and what not to do) the next time you’re at a strip club

Going to a strip club melbourne can be fun but whether you are going to one for the first time or not there are a couple of things you may need to be aware of.

Do not ask the dancer for personal information

Communication is important and you may feel you need to speak to the lady giving you a lap dance. That’s fine, most strippers expect a little conversation but there are boundaries. Each woman’s boundaries are different; you need to regularly ask/communicate with the woman to understand what is right or wrong.

If she has a stripper name like Candice, that is all you should expect to get. Don’t ask for her real name because her stage name might be the only way she can keep her identity safe from potential predators. You can’t get her phone number; you can find a lot of information about someone just from their phone number.

The strip club industry is still underground and largely stigmatized and stripers have the right to protect themselves. It is important that customers keep in mind that the industry is largely transactional in nature. The best customer, is one who says, “I respect you as a person by offering you money for your work and skills.” He likens the work he does to any job in the service sector. Think of it this way: The girl working as a stripper in in a club is no different from any person who is working in the service industry. She has to smile at you and be nice. That does not mean she is trying to come on to you or lead you on.

Like the girl serving you coffee or the bartender at the club, she is at work. Smile, give her a tip and move on.

There is no waving or trying to get freebies

Men sometimes think they can “spot” a stripper that might get them some sort of special attention or discount. Guys, that’s not going to happen. And don’t be swayed by skepticism about the price. “Never try to negotiate with a dancer what you’ll get for that money at another club.

Don’t bother the strippers even during lap dances; let them dance for you. Keep your hands to yourself and be nice with the compliments. There is no need for nasty comments either. Don’t ask for any kisses or be verbally abusive. You might find yourself being manhandled out the door by a seriously burly bouncer.

One thing that most people don’t talk about is what the most appropriate attire is for a strip club melbourne. You should be comfortable of course but think about the lady who has to grind on your lap with not much of a barrier. You also want to make sure that what you are wearing doesn’t lead you to embarrassing yourself.

If everything could be distilled to three simple rules, these would be:

  • Keep your hands to your self
  • Pay for the dance
  • Tip generously. A generous tipper will get good service. This is a universal rule virtually in any type of service industry business.