How To Confidently Allow Mobile Messaging In Your Regulated Firm

Communication is critical for the success of every business operation and campaign. And it is even more important now that many organizations have adopted a remote working setup.  Employees were pushed to use consumer-grade messaging applications to make communications and collaboration more convenient.

However, this has also made tracking business communication data for monitoring and archival purposes more challenging. Additionally, it also poses risks to private company information. As the organization continues using these channels, more data goes unarchived and is exposed to misappropriation. 

Instead of using consumer-grade messaging applications, the company can use corporate instant messaging solutions. Aside from being more secure, it also ensures that the company is in compliance with SFC recording and archiving requirements. 

Why Use Enterprise Messaging Applications

Messaging solutions developed specifically for secure corporate communications use at least a 256-bit encryption key for privacy.  Some also use an elliptical key exchange that disarranges the message as it passes through the network.

Another advantage of enterprise messaging applications is that employers can use them to implement internal control. Account managers and IT administrators can get account controls to monitor work-related communications and data. For example, they have the power to view an employee’s message history and wipe out sensitive information from the server.

Lastly, an enterprise messaging platform can assist companies in their compliance with SFC archiving. Even when members use their mobile devices to communicate with the team,  their mobile archiving feature ensures that they collect, secure, and monitor mobile communications. This helps lessen the organization’s compliance risk while preventing spoliation, loss of data, and punitive monetary fines.

Telemessage Secure Enterprise Messaging

One excellent solution for corporate entities is the Telemessage Secure Enterprise Messaging. It is a messaging solution that ensures the seamless delivery of your critical secure messaging platform messages in real-time. Learn more about how organizations can confidently communicate in a remote working setup in an infographic from Telemessage.