Why should you opt for the Silver package Spectrum?

Why should you opt for the Silver package Spectrum?

Spectrum TV is a part of the Charter Communications Network. Spectrum provides TV connections to over 28 million customers all across the nation of the United States. Spectrum TV is also responsible for offering internet bundle packages. In these packages, you can choose to opt for TV as well as Internet and phone services in one single package. You basically get all three services at a nominal rate every month.

Spectrum TV has three different TV plans available for its customers. These three plans are Spectrum TV select, Spectrum TV Silver, and Spectrum TV Gold. Spectrum TV Select is the lowest tier in the Spectrum TV plan. It offers over 125 channels. Spectrum TV Silver is the mid-tier plan and offers over 175 channels to the users, while Spectrum TV Gold is the highest and offers over 200 channels to its users. 

Let’s check out the amazing features of Spectrum TV Silver 

  • The subscription method is super easy and simple.
  • Spectrum TV Silver offers over 175 channels to its users
  • The cost of Spectrum TV Silver is extremely nominal and budget-friendly. They only charge $74.99 per month.
  • The customer service of Spectrum is simply amazing. 
  • The channels available in the Spectrum TV Silver network are Showtime, NFL Network, HBO max, Nick Jr., and many more.
  • They also offer a free HD option.
  • They have the availability of thousands of on-demand titles. These are available depending on your needs and preferences.
  • The package does not include any contract that can legally bind you to Spectrum.

The best possible option of the Silver package Spectrum is that they give you over 175 channels to choose from. You get the best available channels for News, sports, entertainment, and kids in high definition. Another amazing feature on Spectrum is that if you choose to go for Spectrum TV Silver, you also get channels like Showtime, NFL Network, HBO max, and so much more. The customers of Spectrum TV select also gain free access to the Spectrum TV app.

For the ease of customers, Spectrum has a 30-day money-back guarantee policy in place so that in case you do not like the services provided by Spectrum; you can claim back your money.

Along with the availability of many channels for practically every member of the family, they also have the feature that is referred to as ‘Primetime on-demand.’ Here, you get to chose your favorite shows to be played at specific times for no extra cost. This feature mainly allows you to watch your favorite show at any time of the day, depending on your convenience. You can choose to set the date and time as per your work schedule. One final bonus of opting for the Spectrum TV Silver plan is that you will be allowed to watch all shows which are available on the basis of pay-per-view.

Spectrum TV Silver and the internet bundle packages

Only having a TV network is like having half of the benefits. To get quality TV and the best stay-at-home experience, you need to have both internet as well as TV networks. Spectrum has you covered in both these areas. You can get not only TV and internet packages but TV plans, Internet as well as phone packages for one nominal price. The feature that sets Spectrum network apart from all the other TV networks available in the market is that Spectrum uses hybrid-fiber coaxial infrastructure. The use of this type of infrastructure allows them to deliver very high internet speeds to their customers. In case you live in an area where hybrid-fiber coaxial infrastructure is not available, the network will automatically switch to the cable wires without affecting the internet speed or the quality of the internet being delivered to you. 

Let’s have a look at the salient features of Spectrum TV Silver and internet packages.

  • You can avail yourself over 175 channels
  • Free HD availability
  • Option to stream Live TV on the Spectrum TV app.
  • Availability of unlimited amounts of data
  • Download speed is available over 200 MBPS
  • Free Internet modem
  • Free internet software
  • Long-distance and nationwide calling available with this plan
  • Extremely budget-friendly and will not cause a hole in your pocket

When you come back home after a long day spent working, you just want to feel at peace, relax and destress. Spectrum can help you with all of that. It would be no fun if you come back home, switch on the TV and find a boring show being featured. You can instead opt for setting up your favorite shows to come at the time when you need them. This way, when you switch the TV on after returning from the office, you get to see your favorite shows and relax. Therefore, for people with a budget, Spectrum is the best option.