Why Your Web Pages Aren’t Ranking Like They Used To

Why Your Web Pages Aren’t Ranking Like They Used To

Sometimes, you’ll notice a drop in your search engine ranking for some pages. Then, it’s only normal to start wondering why your web pages aren’t ranking like they used to. If some of your web pages aren’t performing well, it could negatively affect your online visibility. It would lead to less organic traffic, which would also cause your sales to drop. Top agencies like digital marketing agency Denver don’t focus on the why but how to start ranking your pages again. However, if you want to find out why your web pages are no longer ranking high, we’re here for you. Below are the top reasons your webpage’s ranking might have taken a hit.

The Pages Have a NoIndex Tag

Some pages aren’t high on the keyword ranking because they have a NoIndex tag on the pages. This meta tag tells search engines where to skip page indexing. There’ll be no ranking opportunities for such web pages if there’s no crawling or indexing on the page. Sometimes, the ‘noindex’ tag is added to a page during development and sometimes left there. There are also times when content management systems like WordPress offer such options to prevent search engines from your pages with sensitive information. To fix it, you have to remove the ‘noindex’ tag on the page.

No High-Quality External Links

Most people don’t pay attention to backlinks as they should. Top digital agencies like digital marketing agency Denver understand the importance of linking. Linking can help improve your online visibility when done right. When there are backlinks from reputable sites, it can boost your credibility on search engines. If you have zero backlinks, it compromises your search result position. To fix this, you should simply monitor your keyword ranking and use tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush to audit your link profile. It would show you information about sites linking to your page and their domain authority.

You Don’t Prioritize Search Intent.

Sometimes, the only reason why your home isn’t ranking on Google is that you’re not meeting the visitors’ search intent. Content that prioritizes search intent is one of the services offered by digital marketing agency Denver. Even though you use a keyword that target users frequently search, they would leave if they don’t find the answer to their queries. An example is if you write an article on how to buy a car and only mention that your consultants can help them buy a car, then list your options. However, a competitor might write on the same topic but include factors to consider before mentioning their available options.

You Use Duplicate Content

When you duplicate content on a website or share duplicate content with various websites, Google only picks one version for users. One way to inform Google which content to show searchers is by adding the canonical tag. It tells Google which copy needs to rank higher in SEO keywords. If duplicate content is on your website, the best way to deal with this issue is to remove it.