Know the benefits of Local SEO that you should implement

Know the benefits of Local SEO that you should implement

Today, we come to talk to you about something that has great potential but that the vast majority of small businesses are unaware of and that is Local SEO Services. In fact, as we are going to explain to you throughout this article, this Digital Marketing strategy is quite economical and if we work it well, we can obtain spectacular results. Do you want to know more? If you have come this far, it is because we understand that you are interested in Local SEO since local SEO can make conversions skyrocket in your business.

Do you know what local SEO is?

Before getting into the advantages of local SEO, let us explain what local SEO is. We all know what SEO is and for those who do not know it, we will tell it. The SEO is the technique of positioning of our website in major search engines organically. Concept with Local SEO is the same, but with a distinction.

For example, if you have an ecommerce website that sells shoes, you would be interested in positioning yourself for the sale of shoes online. Nevertheless, what happens if you also sell shoes in your physical store? In this case, if a user is looking for a shoe store, you will also be interested in appearing online since the users have a need to find a shoe store near to them. In short, besides working on the SEO of your website, you need to work on Local SEO.

Greater number of clients

Of course, we must start our list of advantages of local SEO with this point since the vast majority of local searches on the internet happen online. When we are hungry, we look for a restaurant, when a tooth hurts we look for a dentist, and it represents almost 70% of the searches carried out daily on the internet. For this reason, locally well positioned will mean a substantial leap in terms of leads and conversions for your business.

Greater visibility in the SERP

If we have a good organic positioning and we already appear in the first positions, working with local SEO will make us gain a greater “screen share” when a user does a search. If we do campaigns and our brand appears in the first position, then Google shows a map, and positions our business as the first option, and below the map, Google again shows our online site.

Improve click through rate

It has a lot to do with the previous point, having a good local positioning will help us improve our click through rate. Many more users will click on our website and therefore a greater number of users will know our products and services.

Increase organic web traffic

Well yes, if we manage to show our website for local searches, the traffic of our site will increase. In short, more visibility, more clicks, more traffic and a higher likelihood of conversion.

Greater promotion

Having visibility and recognition at the local level will, through the very effect of word of mouth and recommendation, our business reaches a greater number of potential and local clients. Local SEO helps us to differentiate ourselves from the competition since having a robust online presence add that touch of professionalism that other companies in our sector may not have.


We have already mentioned the FIVE main advantages of local SEO, but there are many more. It is an inexpensive strategy since with little investment, time and dedication, you can achieve desire result. It allows us to better optimize the campaigns. In the end, all the actions are interrelated. Without a doubt, these types of strategies are essential for all types of projects and businesses and especially for those who start their journey online.