Email Validation API: What is it and why do you need it

Email Validation API: What is it and why do you need it

Email marketing is one of the most popular means of marketing for businesses, from the very genesis of the internet. It is a strategy that continues to grow popular and continues to be one of the most important strategies for any business. However, one common problem that is faced by email marketers is the issue of gaining emails that function and receive emails. 

Sending an email to the wrong id can affect an entire campaign, and how it reaches the audience overall. To avoid such an issue coming up, Email Validation API are utilized by Businesses.

Email validation is the very process of identifying the email addresses that are wrong or non-functional from an email list of a business. It can also allow you to remove disposable email addresses from the email list, making sure the business does not waste time, resources, and energy in marketing to these emails which are not used regularly. Sending emails to addresses that are not real doesn’t get sent at all but lowers the reputation and increases the bounce rate of the sender. 

Various quick checks are made by the API to make sure the email is real and functional:

Syntax Check: 

If the email has the correct email syntax such as the right numbers, letters, symbols, and the @ sign. It also checks for the email domain, ascertaining whether the mail is real or not. 

Disposable Mail detection: 

It checks for any mail that is disposable and removes them from the list as well. 

Name Detection:

It checks for email names that are role-based. Emails that come into the format of info@ or admin@, often get blacklisted, which can lower the efficiency of the email marketing strategy. 

Mailbox Check: 

This is a check conducted by the API to check whether the email that has been entered is still active or whether the email is inactive. If the email is no longer active, it may be better to simply remove the email from the emailing list, as it is safer for the overall campaign. 

These are the many benefits of an Email Validation API and it certainly sounds useful, but what are the functional benefits that a business can achieve from the use of an Email Validation API. Some of these benefits are:

Engagement Rates: 

It can go a long way in boosting the rate at which the content is engaged with. Having a high engagement rate can go a long way in boosting the success rates of any email marketing campaign. 

Refine the Emailing list: 

A well-refined emailing list can be a boon to any business and allows you to establish better lines of communication with your audience and community. This is done by removing any inactive and disposable emails from the mailing list. 

Boosts the Marketing campaigns overall: 

It can help in increasing the conversion and engagement that takes place through email and makes it significantly more efficient 

Email Validation APIs are a key tool for any business to integrate email marketing into its overall marketing strategy, and choosing the right one can be the defining factor of how successful the campaign will be.